Adapting to a changing world

EDF group believes it has a responsibility towards social concerns, especially as according to internal surveys, 1 employee in 2 within our company is engaged in a charitable cause in a personal capacity. This is why the Foundation aims to support project leaders who bring innovative solutions to major social issues, where the needs are the greatest and where public or private funds are lacking. We want to support social innovation projects addressing the issues of dialogue, exchange and mutual understanding.

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Our priorities

Our Foundation acts in favour of community and social issues through three priorities:
Social inclusion: fight against vulnerability and exclusion, social inclusion of young people and education, fight against all forms of discrimination, access to culture for all, environmental education and employability through an endowment fund supported by the Foundation, as well employees, retirees and unions. Autonomy: as we all know, beyond the issues posed by an aging population, dependency may occur with illness or disability. The EDF Foundation supports initiatives strengthening autonomy and, as such, supports innovative projects in medical research and contributes to the protection of vulnerable populations. Humanitarian aid: the Foundation wishes to provide humanitarian support to the quarter of humanity which, through lack of electricity, has no access to essential goods such as healthcare, education, access to water and security.

Our programs

Our programs

In addition to its three priorities, the Foundation drives the Espace Fondation EDF – a space for exhibitions and meetings.

 We also have programs such as scholarships for young architects (Bourses pour les jeunes architects), support for archaeological or medical projects through skill-based employee volunteering, an science educational programs and research aimed at tomorrow’s energy specialists and geared towards reinforcing international and interdisciplinary cooperation. Ils contribute to supporting the development of educational programmes activities, to promote higher education and research, in particular to a young audience et to favour student diversity.

 The “Trophées des associations” is an operation rewarding small and medium French non-profit organisations that have made great initiatives in favour of young people under the age of 30. This year, 32 organisations have shared a 400,000 Euros donation.

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 We have adopted three guiding principles:

-       to support projects and not structures (the Foundation is not intended to finance the operating costs of any structure);

-       to maximize leverage: projects are oriented towards the public interest, their lasting effects are privileged and the financial support requested should be reasonable);

-       a limited duration: support for one year only, save for some exceptions, to allow more projects to be supported.

 The Foundation operates only in the field of public interest.

 Each project supported by the Foundation is followed by an employee of the group - a sponsor - to strengthen the bond between the Foundation and the project leader.


Grant Opportunities

 Organizations that are eligible to propose projects are NGOs or public institutions based in France.

 You must submit your project online. The formulary must be written in French.